Premium shampoos and conditioners are included in ALL our services, at no additional charge.


Full Grooms and Bath and Brush services include nail trimming, and face, feet and fanny trimming.


Full Groom - Full body clipping or hand scissoring to your specifications (bath included).

Bath and Brush - Bathing with premium shampoos and conditioners tailored to your dog's needs. Full brush out.

Therapeutic Mud Bath with Massage - Featuring Madra Mor Mud products. Premium therapeutic mud massage provides your dog with the benefits of a mud bath and a soothing massage. 

Sugar Scrub - Gently exfoliate flaky skin.

ACV Foot and Ear Soak - Premium apple cider vinegar is often recommended for yeasty ears and feet.

Pedicure - Choose your color!

Temporary Highlights - Primp your pup with temporary chalk highlights. So fun!

Temporary Stencil - Fun designs applied just about anywhere (on your dog). Choose yours today!